We can build nearly any industrial custom automation equipment you may require!

We are the complete source for all of your

individual industrial automation requirements!

We can take your most basic idea or concept and turn it into reality.  All design work is performed using the latest 3D solid parametric modeling technology.  This allows us to check motion and perform dynamic analysis to assure proper function, resulting in optimum design solutions with minimal expense and lead time.

Each client is kept up to date throughout each phase of the design and construction process to ensure that the project is meeting expectations and goals.  We can also produce virtual animations of the equipment, allowing client team members to better visualize and fully understand all aspects of the design, as well as generate input to further improve the design from the client’s perspective.

Fabrication automation example with dead nest, control panel, excapement and dispensing.

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Indexed automation packaging fixture with enclosure and stepper motors.Robot End-of-arm Tool (EOAT)
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We can provide you with a variety of services.  These include Machining,  End of arm tool (EOAT) with various End effectors, Fixturing, Process Automation, Process Monitoring, System Integration, Vision Systems, Work Cells and Work handling stations.  We use the latest equipment and if desired, you can specify the specific manufacturer of PLC, PAC, multi-axis motion control, servo motor, linear motion drive,  6-axis articulated robot, SCARA robot, Touch screen Operator Interface (HMI), sensor, conveyor or other necessary parts you may want.